A.I.P. Beef Stew

A little while ago I made a yummy beef stew, but only problem is those on an A.I.P. Paleo diet can’t eat it. The tomatoes and potatoes can be a digestive nightmare.  So I decided it was time to attempt an autoimmune Paleo version. Instead of tomato, pumpkin purée is used…and instead of potato, plantain….

AIP Coconutty Noatmeal 

Lately I dabbled in the AIP Paleo diet, after learning that most cases of hypothyroidism are probably Hashimoto’s (an autoimmune condition of the thyroid). That, and I’ve just had a nagging gut feeling that there’s a food I’m missing on my road to recovery.  If you’re wondering what AIP Paleo is, well it’s a Paleo…