Welcome to Paleo Yay! I’m Julie, a Mom to two precious little girls by day, and blogger by night (or any time I can find). 

I started Paleo Yay! to share my passion for good, healthy food that heals the body, yet is fun and easy to make. I also wanted a place I could share my journey to better health as I overcome hypothyroidism. 

I came to follow a Paleo lifestyle after trying many, many different diets. Name it, I’ve most likely tried it. I always had a slower thyroid function since my TSH numbers were never great. Just ok, but not where they should have been. I never really gave it much thought. But it wasn’t until after I had my daughter in 2013 that my hypothyroidism escalated and became a big problem. Suddenly I was gaining weight even though I was actively trying to lose it, my hair was falling out and I was beyond exhausted. The Paleo diet and lifestyle has been the only thing that has helped me feel better, completely resolve my digestive issues, and keep my thyroid medication lower. I didn’t want to turn to a prescription to “fix” me, but I’ve realized that I need the help while my thyroid heals itself from years of abuse and stress. My hope is one day the Paleo lifestyle will help me get off my Armour (desiccated thyroid) medication once and for all. 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Join me on my journey to better health! 


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