What I Ate Today


Part of my plan for getting back to eating healthy, is to journal what I eat. I find taking a picture is the fastest way. So I thought I’d share what my day of eating looks like.

I don’t count calories because I believe that nutritionally dense foods interact differently in the body than just calories in and calories out. But that also doesn’t mean I can eat any amounts or types of food (I wish, lol!). I eat until I’m comfortably full and then stop. I have to say that when my hypothyroidism was at its worst, I didn’t understand what it meant to be comfortably full. I had two modes: hangry (or hungry and angry) and busting-out-of-my-pants full. My body just couldn’t recognize that my tummy was getting full, until it was way too full. And if I stopped eating before feeling so engorged, I still feel incredibly hungry. It was like the signals were getting slowed down. But now that my hypothyroidism is under control, I can eat until my hunger is just taken away. No more stuffing myself, yay! 

I must also mention that I’m exclusively breastfeeding my 2-month old daughter and I’m tall, so I eat more than the average girl. 
So here is what I ate this past Monday…

Breakfast: 9 am

Pork breakfast sausage patty, fried apples, sweet potato toast with ghee, sautéed spinach, unsweetened almond milk, and a Paleo Butter latte. 

Lunch: 12 pm

Leftover turkey soup, 1/2 of a chocolate smoothie I shared with my daughter, and clementines. 

Snack: 3 pm

Large handful (about 1/4 cup) mix of raw almonds and cashews, rooibos tea, and water. I drink 10 or more cups of water a day. 

Snack: 5pm

I had an appointment to go to, so I needed something quick and easy to tie me over to dinner. Usually I have a quick snack that I pre-made, but I was all out, so I relied on this protein bar. I had never tried this one, and I don’t think I’ll buy it again. It kept me full, but I didn’t like the flavour. 

Dinner: 7pm

Leftover shredded chicken mixed with onions, sweet potato topped with walnuts and shredded coconut, and peas. This meal was kinda just thrown together because it was a busy evening and I needed something. Usually my plate is a little more colourful. 

Dessert: 9pm

Chocolate-Walnut dipped frozen banana. 

So there’s my day of eating. I’ve been on a bit of a sweet potato kick lately, that’s why it appears at all 3 meals, lol! This is why I like taking pictures of my food…I didn’t realize how uniform colour my food looks. Orange and green coloured foods are great, but I should add in red, yellow, purple, etc. 

For those who enjoy calorie counting or are curious like me, my day totalled 3,321 kcal. Yes that’s a lot, but I’m breastfeeding, on my feet chasing a 3-year old, and get moderate exercise every day. And it was nutritionally dense food. Yay! 

I listed the recipes that I used, below, for your Paleo inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed having a glimpse into my Paleo lifestyle. Thanks for stopping by Paleo Yay! 

Recipes from my day:



  • The sweet potato dish is a recipe I’m currently working on, and the chicken dish was literally leftover chicken mixed with sautéed onions. Easy! 



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